Musing Moon Mystery School
~ Sound Medicine 5 Day Healing Retreat ~

5 Day Retreat at the Omega Institute,
August 26 - 30, 2024

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Certificate Training:

Exploring the True Heart of Sound Healing

with Rich Goodhart

****For REGISTRATION and housing, please visit the Omega website:

Or call Registration: 877-944-2002
(NOTE: tuition is $445 for the week, housing is extra.)

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Sound is a universal pathway to Source. Applying it consciously is one of the most powerful tools available to an energy healer.

The art and practice of Sound Healing is surging in popularity. Much of this interest centers around gongs, bowls, tuning forks etc. Trainings are popping up everywhere. But there are no standards and too often little apparent understanding of the deeper essence and commitment of this work.

Yes, there's a deeper essence beyond easy technique – a true and inspired heart to sound medicine practice – beyond the many magical sound tools available to us.

This retreat is a masterclass exploration into the heart of the healing power of sound. Through group and personal practices, in complement with Rich’s exquisitely multidimensional sound medicine immersions, we awaken and engage our deeper sonic perceptions and presence. The expansions received through this experience will inform all aspects of one's sound and energy practices.

Open to all experience levels – including beginners - as well as anyone interested in self-healing. Bring a drum and shaker if you have them.

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Rich Goodhart is an internationally respected world music multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording artist, gifted master level shamanic sound healing artist, Shift Network Sound Healing Summit presenter, Qigong/Taiji teacher, author and Core Instructor on the Omega Institute Faculty. His newest album of sound medicine meditations is titled Forest River Pathway. His second book of luminous invocations and sound healing essays is titled The Sound Inside The Sound.

Suggested reading:
The Sound Inside The Sound, Rich Goodhart

*Please Note: An actual “certification” requires a governing body to approve and issue certifications. No such governing entity exists for the Sound Healing scene. Thus, though many are promised and claimed no valid certification exists for this work. Neither Rich Goodhart nor the Omega Institute will make such an unsupported claim to 'certification'. However, what we can and will offer is a legitimate Certificate of Completion for those who attend and participate in this workshop training.



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"Cast out a spell rendered for the light of day
Lost in lights array, I ventured to see
As the sound began to play
~ Jon Anderson (Yes)



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