Musing Moon Mystery School

2019 Omega Institute
Sound Medicine Expansive

Participant Testimonial Responses:

May 31 - June 2, 2019

“Reluctantly reentering standard consensus reality after a magical weekend at Omega Institute with Rich Goodhart via his Sound Medicine Expansive workshop. Can’t recommend Rich as a guide on this path more highly; his posts here (FB forum) would lead one to assume as much but there is of course so much more to gain than just knowledge by being in someone’s actual presence. Thank you Rich for welcoming me and the rest of the group into your vast heartspace, and for the further initiation into this journey of sound, nature, life...”
~ Marcus S., June 3, 2019

“The workshop was for me an incredible experience and very important growing point on my path. To feel the embrace of nature and vibrations of all the sounds... Forever grateful for your encouragement. Thank you so much for everything you brought into those 3 days- your heart, your skills, your wisdom, art and much more.”
~ Monika, June 6, 2019

“This past weekend my mom and I went to a sound healing workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. The three days we were there I was able to truly find my voice and connect to the healing aspects of sound in a way I had only dabbled in before. The final day of class, some of the other students had requested I sing for them, and I was lucky enough to be invited up by the instructor, Rich Goodhart, to do an improvised meditation song with him! I feel so blessed to have gotten this opportunity, and Rich wrote a wonderful blurb about me in an email to our whole class! Thank you!”
~ Rachel R., June 7, 2019

“A wonderful weekend of sound healing and finding my power! I cannot wait to go back!
Thank you Rich Goodhart!!”
~ Rachel R., June 7, 2019

“You gave an amazing workshop expansive! Hope you will offer one again very soon!”
~ Andrea V., June 3, 2019

“Thanks Rich, it was magical indeed. You got me out of my comfort zone with the vocalization practice; I'll work on that for next time!”
~ Arthur C., June 4, 2019

“I wrote a pretty substantial review of my experience and the workshop for Omega in their feedback evaluation. It was brief, but told them of my Parkinson's and how I arrived with a cane and didn't use it after Friday night. I related how my walking improved and how my muscles felt more fluid and less rigid. That it was a restorative and healing--in the broadest sense of the word--experience.
I wanted to say a couple of things about you and the workshop. I've been to a million workshops (I have to attend to keep my license current) and if there aren't 100 people, they always start by going around the room and having people introduce themselves, oblivious to the fact that this makes some people anxious. For me......I have a panic attack, I won't go into why, but I go to these things with great trepidation. So I was nervous when our workshop was about to start. BUT, whether you know it or not, you handled it with a kind of brilliance. By having the attendance sheet and YOU saying peoples names, YOU did the introduction, followed by a little lighthearted banter. This set the tone for the weekend, of being relaxed, supportive, and protective. That was a first for me and while a small thing, for me it was huge.
I thought the workshop was a healing experience and my little moment with the tree was quite deep and the tree and I became "one thought" even though I was the originator of the thought....but maybe not....I'll never forget it.
When we broke up into our little groups we found ourselves diving more and more deeply into the experience. I was the last to have the two women sound to me. They sounded to the back of my head, and there was a moment when they went from a discordant sound, into perfect harmonious pitch. The sound went straight through my brain and "skewered" it with a vibratory sensation that I can't describe, but was a perfect moment in time. Our minds and sound came together and it was profound, beyond words, somewhere in the sensory realm of that "perfect moment."
Thank you for an amazing experience.”
~ Alan C., June 16, 2019

“The weekend was great (thank you) and my survey reflected that. Your recorded music is very strong but your live music is amazing!”
~ William S., June 5, 2019

“It was a pleasure attending your workshop. A big part of me wants to collaborate. I love what you offer. ….I enjoy being around you!”
~ Hyra Z., June 3, 2019

   “The workshop was healing for me in a few ways. A major aspect was that I have been avoiding being the recipient of sound journeys since January when I realized doing so still elicited negative after effects from an entheogenic experience I had a year ago. So that Friday night when I learned the weekend was not going to be just taking notes/observing/practicing/
etc., I was quite fearful but I committed to the safety that seemed present and all was fine. This was huge for me..
  Secondly, I am pretty restrictive with myself in terms of using my voice, especially without being able to hide behind a guitar. I really don't like this about myself. So the act of singing to/in front of other people/trees was also very freeing and huge for me.
Finally, I have a tendency to try to map my sound offerings and set them up so they will be "correct" according to what I've learned so far or what I think I've learned. Witnessing the fluid, improvisational, and heart-as-engine nature of your offerings was extremely inspiring and freeing in this regard.
So again, many profound thanks!
~ M.S., June 12, 2019

“Thank you for the amazing opportunity in this class. I have deepened my connection to my higher self and feel a true sense of being transformed.”
~ Kimberly E., June 3, 2019

“Hi Rich, I want you to know that I really enjoyed your workshop and beautiful music. It has helped me move thru a very difficult and painful time in my life. Both workshops I took at omega, yours and the art one, have helped me tremendously.”
~ Beverly H., June 11, 2019

“Rich’s Sound Medicine Expansive workshop was informative, inspiring, fun and transformational. Rich’s knowledge of sound healing blows me away. And his skills as a musician and sound practitioner took me on a deep and peaceful inward journey unlike any other. His heart-centered teachings are filled with wisdom, knowledge and many years of experience. I highly recommend his classes to anyone seriously interested in learning how to use sound for healing, or to deepen their current practice.”
~ Lana Ryder, Sound Practitioner-Teacher, Soundwise Health Associates, LLC, Board Member International Society for Research in Music and Medicine
(2018 attendee)

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Please contact me by email (below) to schedule events or if you have further questions. I hope you are inspired to attend the next Sound Medicine Expansive Retreat Weekend at the Omega Institute, September 25 - 27, 2020!!
                                 ~ Rich G., August, 2019


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