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Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree

~ Healing Visions of Earth, Heart, Spirit and Sound ~



"This book gives, reminds, opens up, new paths of thought." ~ Kristiina K., Turku, Finland

"The ancients lived in a quiet world where the vast open spaces gave them a chance to listen to themselves and the vibrations in and around us. The sound of nature is the sound of creation and we , or many of us, have to work a little harder, a good deal harder, to hear it. This book, as with the music, takes us down that road and encourages us to lift the veils of confusion around us so we can caste them aside and can see and hear more clearly.... into ourselves making us ready for our journeys...and I look forward to journeying with this book."
~ Michelle Johnston, Bath, England, UK

 "Rich Goodhart is a shaman of old who has returned amongst us, bringing back the call of the ancients, adapting his gifts and his magic to the needs of today."
~ Rosemary Barrios, Daughter of the Sun/Spirit Dancer

"I like artists with a vision and when that vision lights up with a spiritual fire then I get excited and I find true nourishment. I find nourishment here.

I got Rich's album Earth Spiral Water Sound and in that album I discovered such a strong vein of excellent music, a real living stream of creativity and vitality. I pre ordered Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree and when it arrived I felt lucky to experience this amazing work full of chant and natural timbre. Apart from a short collaboration with Jon Anderson the album had no lyrics.

Now this book of the same name has been released which fills out the vision created by these albums in another direction. If you have these albums this book will add to that experience, if you don't and you like energised spiritual music, I highly recommend them.

This book is poetry and the care and joy of sound that is in those albums is in these poems. They very much benefit from being read aloud, the words and meaning are permeated with music.

There are essays that are a joy to read on the healing qualities of sound and movement. There are spiritual exercises that are easy to follow and give good experience.

It is a perfect size, about 80 well spaced pages, easy to carry, easy to hold, nicely laid out.

I treasure this book and recommend it highly."
~ Keri Ford, artist, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

"This morning I watched the dawn rise , drank my first cup of tea, played the music and leafed through the book. The book and the music really are a single connected vision. They elicit the same emotions, the same responses. Listen to yourself and be centered, go out from a place of calm self with care and thought refreshed ready for the day's journey.

Towards the end of the poetry are a number of poems that some may call love poems, rather like calling the music medatitive music or healing music. For me those are categories I would rather, as I do with the music, express it in terms of what it achieves: Music that can heal because it can, and does do a great deal more. Similiarly this last section of poems are poems about the nature of love and its subtleties.

What I find comforting and reassuring is these poems capture the nature and aspiration of love which makes our spirit dance and soul fulfilled. It maybe the consequence of being middle aged but seeking love through the prism of the soul feels more complete than the way we seek love when we are younger maybe when we are younger we merely hear our body calling, later on it is our whole being."
~ Michelle Johnston, Bath, England, UK

"Hey Rich, really enjoyed your book, good explanations of sound and its effect on us - interspersed with such deep and sweet poems. I am doing the sounds at the end of my qigong sessions, definitely feel something."
~ Roseanne Schnoll, PhD, RD, CDN
Associate Professor
Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences
Brooklyn College of CUNY


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"Maybe I'll just sing awhile, and then give you a call, maybe I'll just say hello, and say maybe that's all."
~ Jon Anderson (Yes)



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