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~ Workshop ~

Natural Resonance: Communicating with Nature Through Sound/Voice

Through a series of meditations, exercises and practices - both sounding and silent - we will tune into the subtle
perceptions of our heart field and the direct connection between this profound and powerful energetic center and
the non-verbal communicative response of our voices. A good portion of this workshop will take place outside, in
the woods, where we will take our perceptions and attunements to the presence of trees, water, plant life and sun,
learning to bring their vibratory essences into sound through our voices. Sounding practices will also include
communication with the human forms found in our immediate environment, as well as any other life forms
that may appear.

Omega Staff Workshop Participant Testimonials:

"This day-long workshop was very heart centered, fun and timely with the energies of the earth welcoming us to awaken and be receptive again
to the bonding of humans and nature. The workshop deepened my heart to my own sound as we had the opportunity to chant individually and
listen to the sounds of nature while sitting in the forest. It showed me the harmonious resonance that we all share in the universe and can
participate in. Added to that were Rich's soul-stirring bowl sounds and his lyrical strumstick.
We opened our hearts to our fellow participants with exercises and chanting to deepen this universal sound, primal connection between us.
Rich's humility, openness, calmness and musical expertise added to my feeling of the beauty and importance for the topic of Nature and Sound.
I would love to see more workshops like this (and this particular one) for our continued opening of our hearts to each other and the earth
full of sound and energy so we can restore the dance between us and feel more rooted and at home while in our earthly life."

Thank you much,
Jeanne Jones

Hi Rich,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefited from your workshop on Communicating with Nature through Sound and Voice.
I have had my own practice of communing with Nature on meditation walks, and separately with voice and music to connect with spirit.
Your methods are a different approach that dovetails into my practice and it brought the two together. I was so pleased to learn these new
practices. They will help in my continuing effort of seeking to raise the conscious connection between the Truth we seek and find in Nature,
Divine Consciousness, and our own inner awareness.

Additionally, the work we did with each other and the group discussions were very meaningful. Your teaching of the techniques that you have
developed were clearly effective and it seemed that the group came together on a deep spiritual level in a short period of time.

I commend you on your level of knowledge in this area and in your ability to guide others. I look forward to participating in more of your
workshops and experiencing more of your music.

Tom Barnum

“Last Monday's workshop with Rich Goodhart, Natural Resonance: Communicating with Nature through Sound/Voice was meaningful, delightful,
and full of metaphysical experience. Guided by the vibrations of instruments we then used our own vocal cords, both our breath and our hearts
exploring out feelings, releases and expressions. We were encouraged to let whatever comes out, come. Then we shared stories about this
This was a 9am to 5pm workshop. Over the path of the day together that Rich led us on, we focused into our heart's intelligence
which we shared with each other. Interesting, intriguing, relaxing – I could do this once a week!”

Thank you!
Christa Maxfield



A Few Sonic Endorsements:

"Rich Goodhart's shamanic sound medicine is an alchemical elixir impacting body, mind and spirit.
As an energy healer at Omega Institute I have experienced many healers in my journey, and Rich's ability
to tune in to you at all levels and remix the tones of a person's suffering back into the sublime
music original bliss is a testament to his skill as Master Wizard of Sound."

~ Brett Bevell, Reiki Master, Random House author, Faculty at Omega Institute,
Kripalu and Alex Grey's Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors

“You have past life trails that you don't let go of because they are gifts from all lives to this one - unlike many folks
who have unresolved issues from the past, you've cleared so much and bring the joy and accomplishment of so many
lifetimes as bard and poet and mystic/shaman/warrior/monk/goddess/celestial archangel folk hero Demi God, Fairy King/Alien
Priestess from the universe of sound, choosing to incarnate to awaken those in the way of YOUR universe: Sacred Sound.”

~ Joy Adler, Wellness Mentor, Workshop Leader, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, FL,
Founder & Author of Energy Diagnostics & Joyful Music, Vocalist, Sound Healer

"In true Bardic fashion Rich Goodhart brings tone to word, attuning us to the deep mystery's rhythms.
Bridging mundane, natural and spiritual worlds, The Sound Inside the Sound invites us to
bring our own breath and consciousness into vibrant harmony with all life."
~ Llyn Roberts, award winning author of Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness
and coauthor of Shamanic Reiki.

"Rich Goodhart has created a modern spirituality expressed in sound, and now through word he is
weaving connections to that spirituality to harmonize mind and spirit."
~ Keri Ford, artist and writer, Aotearoa (New Zealand)


Water finds its way
From cloud to river to sea
Like soul's wandering
There is joy in this journey
And stones are what make it sing

~ R.G., Tanka VI
from The Sound Inside The Sound

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