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Some Days"

        by Rich Goodhart
(from The Sound Inside The Sound, 2013)

    Love is an act of faith
    And the passing of clouds
    are visible for a reason ~
    So take the time to sit there
       and watch them

Breathe with the burning of precious heart hours
And trust the revolving of light across soul seasons
Some days are simply brighter than others
Some days, even the sun must be reminded
   of morning's arrival


From The Sound Inside The Sound:
Spirit Medicine for a Renewed Earth Conscoiusness

Copyright 2013 Rich Goodhart/Beginner's Mind Productions

Reprinted by permission.

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"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those
who could not hear the music."
~ Friedrich Nietzsche



Copyright 2014 Rich Goodhart/Beginner's Mind Productions.
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