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Do You Remember?"

by Rich Goodhart

(from The Sound Inside The Sound, 2013)

Do you remember ~ how a shimmering crimson sun arose
Over distant swimming shorelines
With richly glimmered golden sands
As if it were the birthing heart of eternity
Bringing unbounded visions to brightly arriving sharp
     summer days

Do you remember ~ how the sun's conspiring light reached        out to you
And drew you into a curiously inquiring world
Of creative wonder and mysterious dreaming
And of joyfully invited expectation

Do you remember ~ when you were this light arriving
Descending through exalting branches of ancient awakening        forests
Glistening upon windswept ripples of softly insistent rivers
Breaking into stunningly summoned rainbows
After the passionate releasings of ecstatic thunderous rains

Do you remember ~ those earliest of days
Of condensing into form
Of the becoming of bird and body and tree
Of your desired arrival into the play of this dream ~
This dream of the turning of time
And of sacred breath of human being

Be silent now and listen
Listen to the wonder and mystery
Listen to the light that knows who you are


From The Sound Inside The Sound:
Spirit Medicine for a Renewed Earth Conscoiusness

Copyright 2013 Rich Goodhart/Beginner's Mind Productions

Reprinted by permission.

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"What happened to wonders we once knew so well?
Did we forget what happened, surely we can tell
~ Jon Anderson (Yes)



Copyright 2014 Rich Goodhart/Beginner's Mind Productions.
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