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        by Rich Goodhart
(from Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree, 2011)

In a Garden of Light
Your eyes silently shine like precious jewel moons
Swimmingly in a sky sea of love

In a Garden of Light
My song joyously unfolds like a sun shadow dancing
Meanderingly on a cool stream of summer

In a Garden of Light
Our love is the earth from which we arise
The water that awakens our seed
The sweet fruit born on branchings of timelessness and easing

In a Garden of Light
We sing brightly to each other of sacred growing wonders
Like two song sparrows calling amongst hidden trees
Breathlessly remembering, that we truly are but One


Copyright 2011 Beginner's Mind Productions

Reprinted by permission.

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"Maybe I'll just sing awhile, and then give you a call, maybe I'll just say hello, and say maybe that's all."
~ Jon Anderson (Yes)



Copyright 2011 Rich Goodhart/Beginner's Mind Productions.
All rights reserved to Rich Goodhart and Octagonal Madness