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Suggested Practice:
More than any other writings in this book, the invocational poem titled "Ahum Prema" is meant to be spoken aloud. And more than a poem, it is in fact a word/sound/vibrational heart activation attunement portal to a spiritual state of grace. As such, it is highly recommended that this poem be read in meditational or sacred space, with calm mind, free of distractions. It can also be very supportive and expansive to gently ring a Tibetan bowl or play a peaceful drone instrument while engaging this attunement. ("Inner Temple Meditation" from Side Two of the Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree album is pure Tibetan bowls and will function nicely as a sonic support container for this if you don't have your own bowl at hand.)

Ahum Prema is a Sanskrit mantra that means "I am divine love". At the beginning of this activational attunement, after taking a few moments to breathe deeply but gently, clearing your mind and grounding your awareness, I'd suggest the mantra itself be repeated 4 - 7 times, or longer if desired. Then begin reading each of the quadrant verses in succession in a relaxed and peaceful cadence, clearly enunciating each word, absorbing its meaning and feeling the fullness of its sound vibrating within you as you intone it. The fourth quadrant (lower right corner) is repeated, giving greater pause and breathing between each word. Continue by repeating the entire four verse form two more times, including the fourth verse repeat each time.

As you recite the second and third rounds, bring an ever deepening feeling and passion to each phrase, to each word, activating each expression's meaning within you, imbuing your speech with love and wonder, fullness of color and caress of vocal vibration. By engaging in this manner, the vibrational energy and meaning of each word and phrase lives, breathes and resonates in your voice, in your body, in your spirit, activating affirmative emotional and spiritual states. Finally, after reciting the fourth verse repeat of the third round, continue onto the short closing prayer. This itself can then be followed by the Ahum Prema mantra that we began with, if you wish, and for as long as feels appropriate and balanced to you. End with a few moments of silence and breathing, and presence with the energies moving within and around you.

From Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree
Copyright 2011 Rich Goodhart/Beginner's Mind Productions

Reprinted by permission.

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"...when someone identifies himself, not with his self-image or his thinking process but with the flowers, the snow and all manifestations of the life force, he can do the things of which Rolling Thunder speaks." ~ 'Rolling Thunder', Doug Boyd



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