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     A note about my Sound Healing practice & events:

~ We are living in a time when just about anybody can, and many do, proclaim themselves a "Master" of some discipline or healing practice, or engage some relatively brief study in a practice and then sell themselves as an accomplished practitioner. In the old world model, an aspirant would often engage decades of study and apprenticeship under the guidance of the acknowledged true elder masters. In the present day realm of Healing Sound there are many truly dedicated and accomplished people offering their gifts to the world, as well as many more that are at best poorly informed, swimming in shallow waters, some even clueless, and at worst outright fraudulent.

I believe and trust that you will find my Shamanic Sound Healing offerings and practice to be the real deal - though of course that is ultimately up to you and your own discernment to assess. What I can tell you is that my offerings are the result of more than 30 years of working with Sound and Consciousness practices, Shamanism, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga and deeply commited Sound Healing study, including a decade long sound healing master mentor/apprenticeship with one of the true Godmothers of the contemporary Sound Healing scene in North America, Saruah Benson. (She was also Jonathan Goldman's first sound healing teacher and Don Campbell studied with her as well.) Additionally, I've been an active musician for even longer, and for my entire life have been a deeply empathic HSP. (And what a wonderful challenge that gift often is!)

Please contact me by email (below) to schedule events or private sessions or if you have further questions. I hope you are inspired to attend an upcoming Shamanic Sound experience! Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself if you do attend.
~ Rich Goodhart, 2014
  ~   ~   ~

"Traveling within the great cosmic vehicle of Sound & Music, the Shamanic Sound Medicine Journey is a trip into the deeper layers of True Self, a journey to the homeworld of Source, an opportunity for refined listening to the song of your Soul. The Sound, born out of Source and Silence, takes us to a place of releasing into conscious resonance with our deeper being - a place where we may reinspire access to our innate wisdom, to heart aware healing, and to renewed vitality, inspiration and self-guidance."
~ R.G., copyright 2012

                                                        ~   ~   ~

" is the spirit of a teacher that magnifies the depth of knowledge. Good teachers will do just that. Not every teacher can transmit. I only had a handful of them. Transmitting happens in silence even though there is commotion around. The most power you have is when sharing your presence with the audience. You (Rich Goodhart) can transmit. The value is huge!"
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher

                                                        ~   ~   ~

"Rich Goodhart's shamanic sound medicine is an alchemical elixir impacting body, mind and spirit. As an energy healer at Omega Institute I have experienced many healers in my journey, and Rich's ability to tune in to you at all levels and remix the tones of a person's suffering back into the sublime music original bliss is a testament to his skill as Master Wizard of Sound."
Brett Bevell, Reiki Master, Random House author
Faculty at Omega Institute, Kripalu and Alex Grey's Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors


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"Waking up into spirit means saying goodbye to old logic. It is a real loss
when spirit dials our number and finds out that we wouldn't listen."
Malidoma Some'


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