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Another Aspect of SOUND HEALING

by Saruah Benson

There's no place to hide in the sound of our voice. It carries the vibration of the truth of the moment, of the life. Our fear, anger, guilt and shame - our love and joy are reflected in the sound of our voice. As we learn to release the fear, anger, guilt and shame through releasing the voice, blockages, both physical and emotional, are released and the energy begins to flow with greater ease. In the release of our emotions, we have more space to experience love, joy, and soul integration which can also be sounded by the voice. Songs of anger, songs of love, walk hand in hand as we explore mysterious regions in the forest of the self.

Singing a lullaby to the child within brings comfort and healing. It's as simple as hugging yourself and humming-perhaps beginning with two sounds going back and forth, and then letting the song emerge. It's wonderful to do this anytime, but especially before sleeping. If you're very brave, sing a lullaby to your friend or partner.

As we experience the retelling of our story, we open to another level of expression when we let our story become our song. Or after a particularly strong cathartic release, to then translate the emotion into sound and allow the energy of the emotion to ride the current of music and movement.

Opening to our identity with the archetypes of artist, healer, priest-priestess-shaman and educator, we extend that identity into the song of each character living within. Being led through vision/meditation and movement, discovering what is becoming alive in us in the moment and giving our truth entrance through words, poetry and song, is a wondrous process of mystery, creation and intimacy.

When we are in nature, or in sacred space, allowing the energy of the place, the rock, the flower, the ocean, the mountain, the ancestors, to have expression through our song is another facet of Source Energetics and the crystalline voice. Stand or sit in the space, declare your intention to be an instrument for the highest good, breathe the light and the energy of the place or object, feel the merging, the "becoming one with," and let the song be born from the breath, the beauty or the pain from the coming together of your being with the spirit of nature, the spirit of the place.

Connecting with our soul and the Beloved, the sacred marriage, the eternal light living within, and expressing that union, wholeness and deep peace through silence or sound is a powerful and empowering experience. Resonating with the light of the soul sounding through the body voice can be ecstatic. Singing to another, becoming one with their essence and allowing that energy to sound and express the beauty of the being, is a profound and healing experience.

The voice is an extension of the breath and the breath is the extension of light. If we speak and/or sing with the awareness and intention that we are carrying Divine Light Love Sound Vibration through our body voice, transformation may happen for ourselves and others. The human being is an amazing instrument for the music and dance of prana, chi, spirit, lifeforce, light and love. This energy is as close as our breath, our voice, our true story/song, the sound of the sacred and the song of our soul.

Reprinted by permission.

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